Transformative Session

Energetical Deblocking & Vibrational Uplifting

How our life manifests can depend on our energetical inner level. Likewise is the manifestation of our outer perception a mirror of our inner vibration. If our suptile body vibrates on a high level, our perception can change completely. Everything can feel free and lightful then. 

A transformative session could possibly be like this: Through my perception, muscle testing or with the pendulum I can have a look, if there are burdens which withdraw your energy or blockage your vitality.



That can be f.e. unhealthful energetical connections with other people – so called cords – or familiar topics from this or past generations, which are not dissolved and still stuck in your energetical system.


It can also possibly happen that external low vibrational energies stick with and sabotage us, which can give us a hard time. These energies can be f.e. earthbound souls, demonic energies, or other beeings.


I also can have a look into your chakras and dissolve hidden blockages, heal and energize your subtle body.



Is there a heart wish or are there any dreams in your life, that you would like to become true? I could help you manifesting your whishes on the energetical level.


There can be many reasons, if your life is not manifesting the way you'd like to. F.e. old , part-way unconcious beliefs that cause blockages in your life. If so I'd like to help you finding and revealing those belief systems and after dissolving and replacing them with new helpful beliefs.



The energetical clearing and vibrational uplifting can be done personally in one by one sessions or via phone or skype. For the potential effectiveness the physical distance doesn't matter.


With all my heart. Because unconditional love is the greatest strengh on earth.


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