Space Clearing

Energetical Clearing and Vibrational Uplifting of Rooms & Objects

I also can have a look into the energetical quality of your working- or livingarea. Also on houses and objects external, low frequenced energies can stick and influence your wellbeeing. Typical signs for place bound External energies are sudden occurrent feelings like uneasiness, energy loss, fatigue, tiredness, depression or sleeplessness when entering the room.


For doing a Space Clearing I need a ground plan of your house or office. A rough draft is completely sufficient. The energetical clean up can be done personally on the spot or via phone or skypecall as a so called distant transforming session. The distance does not matter For the result because the nature of time and space is illusionary.


It is also highly recommended to remove physical clutter befor doing an energetical Space Clearing. On useless objects can also stick old and blockaging energies, which hinder us to unfold and manifest the life we wish to realize. If there are further questions I'm happy to help within a consulting.


With all my heart. Because unconditional love is the greatest strengh on earth.



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