You'd like to discover and develop your psychic abilities and to increase your energetic conciousness? Use this opportunity to bring your ability far beyond its current level.


The intensive course was made for all those, who already have some spiritual awareness and are interested in further developing their abilities. You will learn how to recognise and transform the quality of energies around you. How in general to eliminate negativity and to energise yourself and others. You will use a Pendulum and be immediatly able to apply your newly learned skills to yourself and others.
After having attended , you will be able to find the origins of energetical blockages and how to let go of low frequenced energies. You will know how to do a Vibrational Uplifting and you can analyse and balance Chakras, do Cord Cuttings and Aura Clearings.  You will also be able to do a Space Clearing or clear and energise objects. 
Curious? Don't hesitate and contact me for further informations.