Welcome to my Website!

Namaste, my name is Wanda. Intuitive Healer, Empathic Psychic and your Manifestationcoach and I'm speaking to you from a place of unconditional love. In the moment of a spiritual session I give myself into something higher (a higher consciousness) and through my high vibrational energyfield I let flow healing energy into you.


All of us have the abilities to change our reality in a positive direction. „We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.“ (Gautama Buddha)


Since I was a child I perceived the vibration or energy field of human beeings, Places and objects very intensively and felt instinktively, if there was an energetic caused disbalance.

During that time I was very much suffering from my expanded perception because I didn't know how to switch 'this' off. Most of the time I was simply overwhelmed by all kinds of energetical impressions around me. What I then perceived as a burden, I now can accept as a gift for helping people receiving their natural abilities back, for that they can unfold their fully potential. I believe that the main purpose of our lifes is to be happy.



My high sensitivity is my biggest strengh. As I am an Empath I am very permeable for all kinds of the me arounding energies. I get into the energetical system of the client and may find and dissolve hidden blockages.


The permeability for energies may be a reason why I decided becoming an actress. True artists are always psychic.


I would like to express my deepest gratitute to all of my precious teachers.


My heart's desire is helping human beeings receiving their natural abilities back, for that they can unfold their fully potential. I whish that all beeings become happy and wholesome and are able to feel the unconditional love. My work is interdenominational. I welcome people from all nations and coloures all over the world.


Our planet needs a healing. In this age more than ever. And I am full of joy if I can make my contribution to it. Unconditional love is the greatest strengh on earth.



With all my heart,


Wanda Worch